"By changing nothing, Nothing changes."

- Tony Robbins


Ericc Security

All day round customer and client support on field. Client dashboard to keep track of your business at a moment's notice. Proactive approach to stay ahead of emerging security threats. Post incident support to provide you a additional peace of mind. Professionals with instilled Duty of care, performance optimization achieved through personality tests and tests under stressful situations.


To set a benchmark service through exceptionally trained security force exceeding the expectations of First Responders. Improving the standards in the service by instilling the Duty of Care and Action, ERICC thrives to become a recognizable name in the industry through innovation, proactive approach, transparency and reliability.


To provide state of the art service through professional and confident security personnel.

Create a new era in the security services by offering safety to both real and virtual entities of your assets.

A proactive approach to security by regularly conducting assessments analyzing threat data, and implementing now security measures. Offering customized reporting options with detailed and accurate information to provide you with a constant supervision for the deployed team to yield the highest results for your investment in the service.

Highest level of transparency achieved through a virtual board which consists the information about the deployed team, team rating based on their personality and practical testing, work orders, on-going incident alerts, daily & incident reports.